Nurses Corner

Nurses Corner

Penny Richards, RN


Hi, I am Penny your new school nurse. I hope everyone is starting off the new year Happy and Healthy.  Below is a short video on managing stress during COVID that I thought was a good reminder.  Remember wear your mask and social distance. 

Managing Stress During COVID-19 - Bing video

Here's a link to a virtual calming room in case you are stressed out, worried, anxious, or just need some relaxation or resources to help you: 

Trivia question…… .Can you name three consecutive days without using Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday? (Email your guess to me and let’s see how many smart BEARS we have out there.)


Healthy tips for a Happy New Year:

·       Eat Healthy    

·       Get Enough Sleep

·       Exercise

·       Think Positive

·       Smile More

·       Be Thankful

·       Be Kind

·       Take Care of Yourself 


I look forward to meeting everyone.

Penny Richards 575-375-3003