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Mrs. Rubio
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Hi Guys!

Well hasn't this been fun? I hope all of you have enjoyed your time off of school, but if you are like me, IT'S TIME TO DO SOMETHING!  Cabin Fever has started to set in! I have missed seeing you all very much!  We had so much planned for this Spring and it makes me sad that we will not be able to do all the stuff that I had planned for us.  But we will get through this and NEXT year will be incredible!!

I am going to keep Ag. Class very simple.  You will have 1 assignment a week that is related to Agriculture/FFA.  These assignments will be assigned on Monday Morning and due by the next Sunday at 10pm.  You will be graded 50% on participation and 50% on accuracy/quality for each assignment.  

4th Hour will be learning FFA Basics

5th & 6th Hour Varying Topics in Agriculture

I will be using student iCEV (which is the online & video platform I use in class) for you to complete your assignments.  I might also do some group meetings per class just to have some interaction.  Please look to the left of this page for your assignments and the calendar for assignments and due dates. 

Please use the instructions to the left for YOUR CLASS HOUR to register and log in to the iCEV platform where you will make your own username and password.  PLEASE ONLY CREATE ONE USERNAME and PASSWORD and once created WRITE IT DOWN!  

If you have any questions please let me know.  
I will have Office Hours where you can contact me daily from 1pm to 3pm Monday-Friday.  You can always email me or text me as well at any time and I will answer you as soon as possible.
If I schedule a face to face meet through Zoom (which I think will be fun for us to chat and see each other) I will schedule that at the following times on a weekday:

4th Hour: 9:30-9:55
5th Hour: 10:00-10:25
6th Hour: 10:30-10:55

***Remember High School Students, all assignments are FOR A GRADE that WILL GO ON YOUR TRANSCRIPT and AFFECT YOUR GPA. This is a great opportunity for you to raise your overall GPA!! So don't throw this opportunity out!

We will get through this together!!  Hang in there ;-)

Mrs. Rubio

Email:  christyrubio@maxwellp12.com