Science- M. Jolley

Matthew Jolley


Welcome to the last quarter of school.  I am saddened that we can not be in class together, however, I still plan on giving you as good an education as you deserve.  We will be using pearson realize to do your assignments.  Make sure you read the instructions carefully and check in daily to this page for information that I may add.

My office hours:  Monday - Friday 1 pm to 3 pm

Contact me for questions at:

I have changed your passwords

7th Grade:  bear2025!    8th Grade:  bear2024!     9th Grade:  bear2023!

10th Grade: bear2022!     Chemistry: bear2021!

please check in to see if it works by April 5th to see if you are able to get in.  If you are not able then contact me so I can get you on before Monday.