Adopt a Senior

Adopt a Senior
Posted on 04/09/2021

Visit the facebook link to view our 2021 Seniors

What a fun way to honor our Seniors in a safe forum. This page is inspired by the public group Adopt a HS Senior.

Here are the rules:

- No negativity

- Share with your family and friends

- Seniors will be showcasing who they are, with the caption *Not Adopted* at the top of the post. Once adopted we will remove the caption and add *Adopted*.

- Those adopting need to simply will reply explaining they want to adopt that senior. Then admin will reach out to that person with information about that specific senior.

- Suggested items are letters, gift cards, momentums, cards, gift basket, etc.

- You can adopt as many kids as you like, and a senior can be adopted multiple times.

- You do not need to be from Maxwell to participate.

** This group is totally voluntary, it's private to avoid just anyone joining and must be a family member or friend that directly sends the invites. As with any online platform please use your best judgement when sharing your personal information.

Visit the facebook link to view our 2021 Seniors