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Parent Resources



We are pleased to offer a free and confidential website for families, This
site was developed by licensed therapists that provides trusted and specialized courses,
professional support, and a safe community for parents, to learn how to support your child.
Parents can also get answers to mental health questions, especially anxiety, depression, self-
worth, grief and loss, suicide ideation, family strife and other mental health concerns. Popular
courses you may want to explore are: “Parenting with a Purpose” and “Unlocking your Inner
Parent Superhero.” The courses within will provide you with tools to form
stronger bonds with your children.
You and your child’s mental health is important to us!


  • Recording of our June webinar “Supporting Your Child’s Mental Health” 


  • Recording of our July webinar “Social Media: Protecting Your Child by Staying Aware and



  • Recording of our August webinar: “Emotional Regulation: Recognizing What's



  • Recording of our September webinar: “Your Child’s Anxiety” by clicking this





  • Recording of our January webinar: “Compassionate Parenting and Self-Compassion” by clicking this





Take advantage of our free resources and on-demand e-courses.  You can also receive answers to your questions with

the Ask A Therapist feature…check it out by signing up for a free account at today! Parents tell us

how much they appreciate the resources, and how it helps them to help their children.